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LelaMcCorkle86206 2017.07.13 07:58
cây cảnh văn phòng việtEarlier we mentioned the guy who disastrously CC'd hundreds of people across Wall Stree
t in an http://caycanhvanphongviet.com/ blast-email attempt to get a gig for next summer.

Obviously that backfired, and everyone passed the email around mocking him.

Well, he's sent an apology.
GwenGoshorn6976971 2017.07.13 07:57
It is happening. People around the world are getting paranoid of the term H1N1. Is it something that is less serious or more serious than SARS, the outbreak that killed many in Asia in 2003?

According to the Straits Times published quite some time back in Singapore, the H1N1 is an influenza where scientists are more familiar with it and already have the drugs to combat it as compared to where SARS was a mystery back then. However, the H1N1 influenza victims may not display any symptoms at all and one in three victims does not know that he or she is carrying the virus and the H1N1 flu is infectious in the 24 hours before any symptoms shown in a victim.

There are several measures to prevent oneself from being infected with the H1N1 and one of them is to watch their own personal hygiene like cleaning the hands regularly and avoid going to infected areas. Another way is to wear the N95 mask that is proven to be effective in protecting oneself for a couple of hours in getting the virus.

However, I would strongly recommend one to build up his or her own immune system to be able to fight any oncoming virus because our own immune system is the best defense. To build up your immune system, I would recommend a few products:

Vitamin C - Find a high potency Vitamin C with a balance of 4 select forms of Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids to promote absorption.

Cellular Cleansing Tea - This is to do a cellular cleansing of your lymphatic system and stimulates the immune system.

Colostrum - It contains nutrients that help stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells.

Fruits Vegetables Infusion - A fruits vegetables supplements that helps to improve your health in several important ways and these fruits vegetables powder have been shown to protect the body against oxidation damage.

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JanellMckinney78285 2017.07.13 07:57
NEC Electronics has completed the application in Japan, North America and Europe-wide HD Digital TV SoC "EMMATM2TH / H" in the development and start selling on the same day the sample.

The introduction of new products will be MPEG2 signal decoding, image display and other functions necessary for digital TV integrated into a system for image processing chip. Its biggest advantage is that: (1) brightness and color o Contrast o "quality control" for the first time is modified to support full high definition "1920x1080 (about 2.07 million pixels)" resolution; (2) with the previous EMMA products and hardware compatibility Therefore, there can still use the MPEG decoding software; (3) In addition to support Japan's wireless industry and commerce federation (ARIB, note) to develop the Japanese ARIB standards, also supports the North American ATSC, European DVB With the Chinese national standard for high-definition Radio and TV Standard. Samples of the new product price 7,000 yen / teeth, is expected to start mass production from the summer of 2008, the scale of mass production of 20 million / month.

In digital TV, at a time when "1366x768 (about 1.05 million pixels)," resolution of the popularity of HDTV panel stage. NEC Electronics in June 2007 introduced a resolution in support of this panel digital TV products. But with the TV to the big screen direction, a lot of TV manufacturers began to introduce integrated "1920x1080" high-resolution high-definition television panels, therefore, can maximize the early development of a high-quality high-definition broadcast television performance EMMA products increasing demands. In order to adapt to market demands, NEC Electronics introduced the new product "EMMATM2TH / H". The product is of quality control in the original EMMA2TH improvement based on a variety of image processing circuits, is a high-performance support full high definition products. Its main features include:

(1) can support full HD picture quality control

Control the pixel brightness, contrast, color, picture quality adjustment for quality control of processing bits per pixel than the original increase 2, the largest median 14-bit processing. Therefore, the original gray level can be increased to 4 times.

(2) software products backward compatible with existing EMMA

Compatible with since 1998 is about 10 years in the development of EMMA products have accumulated high-quality MPEG decoding software. Help significantly reduce the pressure of the user software development.

(3) support for Japan, North America, Europe and China's high-definition broadcast TV standard

Support Japan's wireless industry and the Trade Union Congress (ARIB) standard developed by Japanese ARIB, and the North American ATSC, European DVB, etc. with the Chinese national standard definition broadcast TV standards. There is no need for different procurement sold to different image processing system chips, you can develop a full high-definition digital TV.

(4) improve the external memory bus speed o

External memory connected with the memory bus width from 32 bits to 48 bits. Therefore, compared with the original EMMA2TH, within 1 second of data processing increased from 2.6G to 3.9G bytes bytes.

(5) LVDS output for dual-link extension

Image signal output to the LCD panel LVDS (LowVoltageDifferentialSignaling) circuit extended from the previous single-channel dual-channel. Improved output resolution, and the panel resolution from EMMA2TH of "1366x768" raised to support full HD "1920x1080".

Major new product specifications, please refer to the attached.

NEC HD radio and television EMMATM2TH / H

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Logan2657527040 2017.07.13 07:01
The UN mission to probe alleged atrocities against Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims has been ordered to "urgently" investigate abuses reportedly committed by the security forces, particularly in Rakhine state

The UN rights council on Tuesday named a three-person team to probe alleged atrocities against Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims, a key step in an investigation already rejected by the country's government.

The Geneva-based human rights council voted in March to create a myanmar hotels fact-finding mission, in a politically sensitive move that faced fierce resistance from the civilian-led government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The mission was ordered to "urgently" investigate abuses reportedly committed by the security forces, particularly in Rakhine state where troops have been accused of raping, torturing and murdering members of the Rohingya community.

Decorated Indian lawyer and women's rights campaigner, Indira Jaising, Sri Lanka's former human rights chief Radhika Coomaraswamy and Christopher Dominic Sidoti, a prominent human rights advocate from Australia, were appointed to lead the probe.

The group is scheduled to meet soon in Geneva to chart a work plan, a rights council statement said.

But it is not yet clear if they will be granted access to Rakhine, or even be permitted to land in myanmar hotels.

Speaking in Brussels earlier this month, Suu Kyi made clear that her government had "disassociated" itself from the resolution setting up the probe, calling it out of touch "with what is actually happening on the ground."

The north of Rakhine state has been under lockdown since October, when the military launched a campaign to hunt down Rohingya militants who staged deadly attacks on police posts.

Some 100,000 people from the Muslim minority were displaced by the violence, most of them fleeing to Bangladesh.

An earlier UN rights office report based on testimony from Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh said best hotels myanmar's security forces may be guilty of crimes against humanity.

Myanmar has rebuffed those charges and has refused to allow international observers into the area.

The rights council called on the government to give investigators "full, unrestricted and unmonitored access to all areas".

Matthew Smith, who heads the Fortify Rights watchdog in Bangkok which closely tracks the Rakhine situation, told AFP the government had "no defensible reason to not cooperate with this mission."

He said investigators appointed Tuesday were "a strong team that's certainly up to the task."

The mission is scheduled to give the rights council an oral update of their findings in September.

SteffenMarryat95 2017.07.13 06:58
BEIJING, Dec 30 (Reuters) - A joint venture between Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, known as Foxconn, and Sharp Corp plans to build a 61 billion yuan ($8.8 billion) factory in China to produce liquid-crystal displays (LCDs).

Sakai Display Products Corp's plant will be a so-called Gen-10.5 facility specialising in large-screen LCDs and will be operational by 2019, the company said at a signing event with local officials in Guangzhou on Friday. It said the plant will have capacity equating to 92 billion yuan a year.

The heavy investment is aimed at increasing production to meet expected rising demand for large-screen televisions and monitors in Asia.

Global LCD output was hit this year by the closure of a Samsung factory that accounted for 3 percent of the market, as well as factory stoppages in Taiwan after an earthquake in March.

China's largest LCD panel maker, BOE Technology Group, began construction gia dinh (gioitinhvn.com) on its own Gen-10.5 plant in Hefei in December last year, with production scheduled to begin in 2018.

In May Shenzhen China Optoelectronics Technology Co, asubsidiary of TCL Corp, announced that it would begin construction on a 50 billion yuan LCD plant in Shenzhen.

Sakai Display Products Corp's plans for the Guangzhou plant come as Hon Hai seeks to turn the joint venture into a subsidiary, investing a total of 15.1 billion yuan in the company.

The venture will also sell 436,000 shares for 17.1 billion yuan to an investment co-owned by Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou, giving Hon Hai a 53 percent interest in the business and lowering Sharp's stake from to 26 percent from 40 percent. ($1 = 6.9410 Chinese yuan renminbi) (Reporting by Cate Cadell; Editing by David Goodman)
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